As we come up on marking one year in our newest home we have almost finally settled in. We made a few different design choices with this home, one of which being white wood flooring.
One of the questions we hear from almost everyone who visits is ‘white floors? Aren’t they a pain to keep clean?’ And the short answer is yes, but not for why you would think. Two kids, and a small dog are going to track dirt and grass on to any floor, ours aren’t any dirtier, you can just see some of the debris easier!

So maybe the short answer is no?

One of the main advantages, aesthetics aside, is the brightness they provide. White painted floors are common in Scandinavian countries where the winters are long and dark, creating a lighter atmosphere year round. Another advantage is that they don’t show dust in low traffic areas like a dark hardwood does.

We are allowing these floors to distress and age naturally, rather than distressing each board before laying them down. This has 2 advantages. One, some knots are rising through the layers of paint (3 coats of paint, 2 coats on Bona) adding character. The second advantage is that we can always do a quick sand and refinish if the distress isn’t to our liking.

With design trends staying with neutral greys, beiges, and whites these floors are a fabulous statement piece, and addition to any new custom home or updating renovation.

Although some may say they seem out of place for the Oceanside area now, we think that you will find they are quickly becoming more popular.

And we can all agree, anything to brighten up a long winter is a good investment!