The advantages of hand framing…

A familiar scene around the Oceanside area is one of trucks lumbering along loaded with roofing trusses. Trusses are craned in and can be set in a day. It’s an impressive sight no doubt. But have you ever stopped and noticed some houses are being ‘hand framed’? Usually there’s a Galloway brother attached (or scampering up) those hand framed homes. No, it’s not done in an afternoon, but the added function to your home is worth the time.

Attic space is defined as the space directly under the roof, usually used for storage. Forgoing trussed pre fab rafters and opting for an engineer approved hand framed roof allows for usable space in your attic; as opposed to a large area of pink insulation and boxes of Christmas lights!

The value and advantage to hand framing is endless. You can leave it as storage space that you can actually stand up and walk around in. You can completely finish it and use it as bonus space, craft room, kid space, computer room. The second story of your home can be hand framed to give you a vaulted, interesting and spacious second story. We finished our own attic space, with attic stairs to access, giving our kids a place to chill, craft and karaoke.

Adding a second story to your pre existing home is one way to stay in a home and area you already love, while adding the space and storage you may be craving.

Extra space equals value, why not consider having these Galloway Bros come and take a look at your plans to see where you have value hiding?