Entry ways, patios, garages, what we call ‘west coast design’ all of this beautiful woodwork is something that we love to see in the Oceanside area. Here on Vancouver Island we are fortunate to have some of the most amazing cedar in the world, and we in the design community have the responsibility of treating it with care.

You’ve seen the cement pads being poured for the posts to sit on, you may have one at your entryway. Go check it out, does your post sit perfectly on the cement? Are they they the same size? Is your post centered on the cement? Is your beautiful cedar post treated with detail and care, chamfered to perfection? It’s okay if it isn’t. Most aren’t.

So many new homes are put together so quickly that often these details are lost in the rush. Check out post details on your next evening walk, you know we are!

Posts are an easily visible example of what separates Galloway Bros quality craftsmanship from the rest. We notice everything!